they have names and appear on websites and in museums Does "they have names and appear on websites and in museums" mean "photographers' names are also considered as artists and their works are also presented on websites and in museums like painters' paintings"? Context: The boundaries between art and photography are increasingly facing challenges. British and American photojournalists today remind us of this fact: they have names and appear on websites and in museums. The American Susan Meiselas, to cite one example, works for the internationally renowned Magnum photo agency co-founded by Robert Capa.
Sep 12, 2018 11:32 AM
Answers · 2
Hi Pineapple, Yes. It means as you think. I also think you are picking up on the bias in the article. "The boundaries between art and photography" indicates that the author does not view photography as "art". I wonder if the author really means between paintings and photographs? My best, Stephen
September 12, 2018
I guess it's talking about the photojournalists getting a credit/byline on the photos they take for their agency or publication. So, for example, instead of a photo just saying Reuters or Getty Images it would also have the name of the person who took the photo. Or even be featured in an art gallery, like Sebastiao Salgado.
September 12, 2018
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