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Passive Learning (TV/Movies/ect) If I were to watch TV shows in Spanish, would watching it in subtitles (Spanish), would it be more hindering than watching it with just listening comprehension and eventually understand over time? It's just if I were to read + listen in spanish I could understand the show much better than If I were to just listen to it. What be the most efficient way to go about this?
12 de sep de 2018 22:02
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I think the most effective way to learn an foreign language through movies/series is using both audio + subtitles, however, you should not stick to the subtitles because, if you do so, you will realize that, at some point, all you will be hearing is your inner voice trying to read all those words and not listening to the actual audio. It takes some practice to ignore the subtitles, but I recomend you to try to understand what is being said and look down in the subtitles in case you missed some word. Eventually you will not need them anymore. Make sure you do it as an active learner, otherwise tens of hours watching TV will be a waist of your time =]
12 de Septiembre de 2018
I have no idea which would be more efficient. Personally any exposure to a new language is better than none. When I learn a new language, I do both; listen with and without subtitles, and I learn from both. However if I watch films early on in my language learning, I often need subtitles if I want to understand what the file is about, but sometimes I just watch to get used to the sounds of the language and try and work out what is happening.
12 de Septiembre de 2018
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