Confused by some lines of a sitcom. I'm watching an old sitcom called The Golden Girls, and there are some lines which make me feel so confused. Sophia is working at an restaurant, and she really hates the manager of there, so she calls her colleague and talk about how to protest. At the end, she said:“Good. Oh, and, Edna, bring some sherry. Nobody bought that glaucoma story when you whipped out that reefer last time. "No. No, you can't put it in brownies. "I said no reefers. Okay? Good-bye." I don't understand what they are talking about. What does "glaucoma story" mean? Why is it related to sherry? What does "reefer" mean in here? I'm not sure if I described it clearly, so I put the video link in here in case anyone can't get my question. The scene I'm asking is in 4:00: Another scene I'm confused about is in 13:34. I'm not sure if the action that Dorothy touchs her earring has any specail meaning.
Sep 13, 2018 11:07 AM
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Hi Irene, LOL.. Reefer is another word for Marijuana. It is said that Marijuana assists people with glaucoma, which is a common eye disorder for people as they get older. The point here is they got caught with marijuana and tried to talk their away out of it with a Glaucoma story. And I see no significance to the ear thing. Just a bit of chilly body language. I hope this helps, Stephen
September 13, 2018
Stephen is correct about reefer meaning marijuana. In the US, marijuana is legal in some states as a medical treatment. Glaucoma is one of the conditions it is used for. However, at the time this sitcom was popular, cannibus was illegal and had to be used discreetly. Sherry (an alcoholic drink) is a legal, more socially-acceptable way to relieve stress -- as it relates to the hated manager. When someone 'buys' a story, they believe it. To 'whip [something] out' means to remove something quickly from your purse or pocket, etc. At 13:34 Dorothy touches her earring in order to pause for the audience to laugh at the line she just said. It could be said that her gesture is nonchalant and adds to the comedic effect.
September 13, 2018
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