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Past tense conjugation in Russian Ok, so I've been looking at the conjugations for the past tense in Russian, and I noticed that there are no conjugations for ты and вы. Are these conjugated to the natural sex of the second person. So for example: Ты говорл / Вы говорли for men And Ты говорла / Вы говорли for women? Masculine - я мо́г cмо́г Feminine- она могла́ cмогла́ Neuter- оно могло́ cмогло́ Plural- мы могли́ cмогли
Sep 13, 2018 1:49 PM
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Russian verbs don't conjugate in the Past but agree in gender and number. A female will say "я могла', a male will say " я мог", a group of people( regardless of gender) will say " мы могли"
September 13, 2018
The plural verbs in past tense are the same for any gender: Мы говорили (feminine, masculine, neuter) Вы говорили (feminine, masculine, neuter) Они говорили (feminine, masculine, neuter) If you are talking to one person addressing to him politely by Вы then all the rules for the plural are applied. The same is for present and future tenses as well.
September 13, 2018
We don't differenciate feminine endings from masculine in the past because there are no such ones. So, if you'd like to specify who Вы are - women or men, you'll need to use words like женщины/women, леди, дамы/ladies and мужчины/men, парни/boys/guys etc. For example: Вы, дамы, вчера ушли слишком рано! (Literary: You, ladies, went home too early yesterday!) _________________________________ - Вы вчера говорили о футболе? (Did you talk about football yesterday?) - С кем ты говоришь? (Who are you talking to?) - С этими мальчиками. (To these boys)
September 13, 2018
Ты говорИл / Вы говорИли for men And Ты говорИла / Вы говорИли for women? Оно (Чудо-Юдо рыба-кит) говорило / вы-мы-они говорили (кикИморы болотные) ВЫ is plural like French Vous. For plural, there is no difference in gender. The same form is for МЫ-WE and ОНИ-THEY: Мы говорили. Они говорили. Masculine - я мо́г cмо́г Feminine- она могла́ cмогла́ Neuter- оно могло́ cмогло́ Plural- мы могли́ cмогли
September 13, 2018
Ты говорил / Вы говорили for men And Ты говорила / Вы говорили for women?
September 18, 2018
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