وقع / سقط ( MSA and dialects ) I have some questions about وقع / سقط : 1) Can you provide an example where they are not interchangeable in Standard Arabic? 2) Are they both used in dialects? 3) What verb do you use to say 'to fall down' (eg '' he fell down'') and 'to drop something' (eg. "he dropped a pen on the floor") in dialects? Thank you
Sep 13, 2018 8:02 PM
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Some example from Arabic language where these word are not interchangeable as I believe. وقع في الفخ وقع في شرور اعماله وقع في غرام ليلة وقع الامر سقط في امتحان القيادة يسقط حكم **** سقطت عنه التهم اسقطت الجنين بعد 3 شهور من الحمل سقط/وقع من السلم In libyan dialect, we never use وقع. Also, we use سقط like some of previous sentences, but not all. We use طاح a lot It's also an Arabic word as you see in dictionary and it means "dropped" he fell down طاح he dropped a pen on the floor طيّح بنينة على الارض
September 13, 2018
وقع means to fall. سقط means to fall too but وقع has another meaning which is to be located i.e: اليمن يقع جنوب السعودية (Yemen is located south of Saudi). َأْوقَع and َأسْقط: converting both verbs into IV form will mean to drop sth. أوْقَعْتُ القلم is I dropped the pen.
September 15, 2018
September 14, 2018
Thank you. Is there any difference between وقع الطفل أرضا and سقط الطفل أرضا ?
September 13, 2018
1- سقطت الطيّارة في البحر - سقط الكلب من الطابق الرابع - وقع الطفل أرضا - ''وقع' means also 'happen' وقع ما لم يكن في الحسبان 2- in Moroccan Arabic we don't use this verbs (سقط/وقع)but we use another is: طاح. 3- in MSA we say :أسقط أو أوقع In Moroccan Arabic we say طَيّْحْ
September 13, 2018
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