Jawher hayouni
whats the difference between free and payed language learning?
Sep 14, 2018 12:14 PM
Answers · 6
Correction: paid Are you asking in general or do you want to know specific to this website or another one? Generally, "you get what you pay for". There are plenty of free resources out there. But if you want to move your learning to the next level, you may have to take out your wallet.
September 14, 2018
Who knows!
September 14, 2018
If you are paying for lessons you will be buying someone's time and they will look to give you the best service they can to help your needs. There are free options available, either to study by yourself or to work with people who are in a similar situation who will look to help you for mutual benefit. It depends on you budget and the service you are looking for. Try a few different options to find the one that works best for you!
September 17, 2018
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