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'해야' 라는 게 문장의 중간에서 쓸 때 의미는 The meaning of '해야' when used in the middle of a sentence 저를 헷갈리게 한 문장은 '사랑을 알아야 진짜 세상을 아는 건데' 입니다. '해야 하다' 라는 문법 구조와 어떤점으로 연결된 겁니까요? 제 눈에 비슷해보이죠.. 영어로 번역하고 예문을 몇가지 들으실 수 있으면 정말 감사하겠습니다 감사합니다 ^^
Sep 14, 2018 7:26 PM
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-아/어야 and its more formal form -아/어야만 state an indispensable condition for some desired outcome. -면 (as in 하면) states an ordinary condition, as in "if you do A, B happens". -야(만) is stronger, as in "only if you do A, B may happen", or "unless you do A, B won't happen". It also has another use usually in the form of -아/어 봐야 (소용없다 / 별수 없다), which means "Even if you do something, it's no use". Here are some related phrases based on a simplified version of your sentence. 1. 사랑을 알아서 세상을 안다 = Because I/you know love, I/you know the world. 2. 사랑을 알면 세상을 안다 = If you know love, you know the world. 3. 사랑을 알아야(만) 세상을 안다 = Only if you know love, you may know the world. 4. 사랑을 알지 못하면 세상을 알 수 없다 = 사랑을 모르면 세상을 모른다 = If you don't know love, you don't know the world. For example, if someone is very quiet and won't say anything, you might say to him: - 말을 해야 (뭘 원하는지) 알지 = Only if you tell me, I'd know what you want. == 말을 안 하니까 (난 네가 뭘 원하는지) 몰라 = I don't know what you want because you don't tell me. Another example: - 물에 들어가야(만) 고기를 잡을 수 있다 = You can only catch fish by getting into the water. And here's a sentence using the other use of -아/어야. - 말을 해 봐야 소용없어 = 말을 해도 소용없어 = It's no use to talk to them = Talking to them won't change anything.
September 15, 2018
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