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What is the difference between مَدْرَسَات‎ and مَدَارِس‎ I learnt the word مَدْرَسَة in my last class. When I looked up the plural form I found مَدْرَسَات‎ and مَدَارِس‎. What is the difference? Thank you.
14 sept. 2018 21:50
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Interesting! Hans Wehr has مَدارِس as the plural form of مَدْرَسة (school). I wonder if the word مدرسات is meant to be مُدَرِّسات, which is the plural form of مُدََرِّسة (female teacher).
14 septembre 2018
I مدارس means schools.

I مدرسات is the plural of female teachers it does not mean schools.

15 septembre 2018 مدرَسة: الجمع مدارِس، مدرّسة: الجمع مدرّسات وهذا الرابط يؤكد ذلك
15 septembre 2018
مدرسات can be used as a prular for school not only for female teachers,but still uncommonly used
15 septembre 2018
true what Chris said
15 septembre 2018
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