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compounds victims’ humiliation Does "The former action compounds victims’ humiliation" refer to the fact that "images of Abu Ghraib not only showed us what inhumane things happened there, but also doubled the humiliation of the victims because of the publication of their images across the world"? Context: Perhaps one of the most compelling recent links between war, photography, and spectacle were the shocking pictures from Abu Ghraib showing Iraqi prisoners in US-run prisons – printed straight off the Internet and exhibited at the International Center of Photography in New York in October and November 2004. Photos of the returning American dead or soldiers’ hideous injuries do not receive exhibition like this, although that may yet come. The former action compounds victims’ humiliation, the non-action of the latter lessens our anger, and the photographer is complicit in both reactions
Sep 15, 2018 5:21 AM
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The language seems a bit clumsy to me but yes, I think that ‘the former action’ refers to the publication of the photos, thereby adding to the humiliation already suffered.
September 15, 2018
It is not clearly written, but art critics and the like. Write like this for publicity and to get people into the exhibitions to sell art. It is referring to the original first global public showing of the images on the internet. That added to the victims humiliation they had already suffered. The non reaction to the images being copied from the internet and turned into an exhibition, makes the original photographer, who apparently did not object to the (art?) exhibition complicit in adding to the victims humiliation. End result is the victims were treated how they were ONCE, then the images went on the internet = victims were Humiliated TWICE. Then the images were taken from the internet and the victims were once again THREE (thrice) times humiliated. There was a compounding of humiliation to which the photographer appears to have gloried in the limelight. And not objected. It would help if we had links to the images and the critic, art curators ? text whatever, It would save time searching the internet to help you. I still need to search a little more to see the history of this and to know if the original photographer did object or make money or glory in the limelight. Hopefully this will put you on the right track.
September 15, 2018
I would say it probably is, but I'm not completely sure.
September 15, 2018
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