library stuff in the public domain?? I'm reading SNEAKERS written by Stephen King. Its main character is a music mixer and he describes what he has done as "It was the library stuff in the public domain." I wonder what he means by it.And he describes a music video as "It's mostly Ginger, the chick in the group, playing mudhoney in some generic bayou with a guy who looks like Donald Trump in overalls". Does Ginger(with a big G) mean they are red-haired? And what does it mean 'play mudhoney'??
Sep 15, 2018 3:57 PM
Answers · 5
"Ginger" is the proper name of a person (notice it is capitalized) "Mudhoney" should be capitalized, it is the proper name of a real rock band. - 'library stuff in the public domain' means that the person used music that has a type of copyright license that allows someone to make his/her own music mixes with. If a musician would use music not in the public domain, (for example, a song by Lady Gaga), they would be breaking the law.
September 15, 2018
Public domain music and written media is free for people to use. It has either been created and allowed to be used freely that way, or it's copyright has run out after 50 years and has not been renewed. Anyone can find this type of material by searching libraries and other collections. Does that explain it well for you?
September 15, 2018
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