Is this sentence spoken style? 1. Wake up and smell the coffee 2.Doesn't it wear you down? 3.I'm still up in the air 4.that did a trick I wonder what these sentences mean. 5. I'll say =( totally, I agree it, exactly) I'd say so = right(?) you bet= absolutely(?)
Sep 15, 2018 5:40 PM
Answers · 5
Sentences 1-3 are good and very common. Sentence 4 is usually “That did THE trick” == “that fixed the problem.” Your definitions are good for “I’ll say” and “you bet,” but a better definition for “I’d say so” is “I haven’t thought about the issue very deeply yet, but my first reaction is to agree.” It expresses a sort of a “tentative” agreement that is less strong than saying something like “Yes, absolutely.”
September 15, 2018
안녕하세요 1-3: Yes, those are correct. 4. Close, but it should be "That did the trick." 5. I'll say = (totally, I agree, exactly) However, this phrase can have a sarcastic tone when used. For example: "Wow, it's really hot today." "I'll say!" I'd say so = You're right; I'd agree with that; in my opinion, yes. For example: "Do you think we should buy them a house-warming gift?" "Yeah, I'd say so." You bet = absolutely; yes; certainly. For example: "Do you want to go to the festival?" "You bet!" I hope this helps! :')
September 15, 2018
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