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About the sentence Ayna attawila? Where is the table? I have a question about the sentence Ayna attawila? (sorry I only know the romanization at the moment, please help me by writing the arabic with vowel sounds). I know Ayna is where, tawila is table, but what is 'at'? I thought the definite article was 'al'. So why does the person say anya attawila, not ayna altawina? Thank you.
Sep 15, 2018 6:03 PM
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أَيْنَ الطَّاولةُ؟ When reading a defined word by ال التعريف there are 2 readings of the letter لام ١- اللام الشَّمْسية ٢- اللام الْقَمَرِيَّة The diffrence between them is in the prounanciation and vowel: 1- When reading a word with لام شمسية as in our example الطّاولة, you don't proununce the letter لام but instead you prounance the letter after ال by the vowel شَدَّة , so it's like proununcing the letter after ل twice. examples of words with لام شمسية: الشَّمس Ashshams (the sun) الطّاولة Attawela ( the table) السَّيارة Assayara (the car) But for اللام القمرية, you prounaunce the letter ل examples: الْقَمَر Alqamar (The moon ) الْكِتاب Alketab ( The book ) الْقِطّة Alqetta ( The cat ) 2- The vowel in اللام الشمسية is شَدَّة and is written on the letter following ل not on the ل itself (you can look again at the examples) But in اللام القمرية the vowel is سُكون and is written on the ل itself. Note: The naming of اللام الشمسية و اللام القمرية comes from the words الشَّمس و الْقمر
September 15, 2018
Hello Beth, The question is: أين الطاولة؟ Sorry I don't have Harakat in my key board. Here it is pronounced Attawila, despite Al which is the in English, because it begins with a SHAMSI letter not QAMARI. Read here about the rule. https://letsspeakarabic.weebly.com/shamsi-and-qamari.html
September 15, 2018
ah you mean why they write AT un place of AL cause in arabica there are QAMAR letters like : AL MADRASSA ... المدرسة.... the school and CHAMSS letters like ; ASSAFR .... السفر... the travel that all , I hope that you understand
September 15, 2018
You can also grab this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_and_moon_letters I think it will be helpful. If you had any questions concerning this you can ask me personally :). Shamsi and Qamari letters are under my control since 3 years!
September 15, 2018
اين الطاوله
September 15, 2018
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