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About the sentence Ayna attawila? Where is the table? I have a question about the sentence Ayna attawila? (sorry I only know the romanization at the moment, please help me by writing the arabic with vowel sounds). I know Ayna is where, tawila is table, but what is 'at'? I thought the definite article was 'al'. So why does the person say anya attawila, not ayna altawina? Thank you.
Sep 15, 2018 6:03 PM
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أَيْنَ الطَّاولةُ؟ When reading a defined word by ال التعريف there are 2 readings of the letter لام ١- اللام الشَّمْسية ٢- اللام الْقَمَرِيَّة The diffrence between them is in the prounanciation and vowel: 1- When reading a word with لام شمسية as in our example الطّاولة, you don't proununce the letter لام but instead you prounance the letter after ال by the vowel شَدَّة , so it's like proununcing the letter after ل twice. examples of words with لام شمسية: الشَّمس Ashshams (the sun) الطّاولة Attawela ( the table) السَّيارة Assayara (the car) But for اللام القمرية, you prounaunce the letter ل examples: الْقَمَر Alqamar (The moon ) الْكِتاب Alketab ( The book ) الْقِطّة Alqetta ( The cat ) 2- The vowel in اللام الشمسية is شَدَّة and is written on the letter following ل not on the ل itself (you can look again at the examples) But in اللام القمرية the vowel is سُكون and is written on the ل itself. Note: The naming of اللام الشمسية و اللام القمرية comes from the words الشَّمس و الْقمر
September 15, 2018
Hello Beth, The question is: أين الطاولة؟ Sorry I don't have Harakat in my key board. Here it is pronounced Attawila, despite Al which is the in English, because it begins with a SHAMSI letter not QAMARI. Read here about the rule.
September 15, 2018
ah you mean why they write AT un place of AL cause in arabica there are QAMAR letters like : AL MADRASSA ... المدرسة.... the school and CHAMSS letters like ; ASSAFR .... السفر... the travel that all , I hope that you understand
September 15, 2018
You can also grab this: I think it will be helpful. If you had any questions concerning this you can ask me personally :). Shamsi and Qamari letters are under my control since 3 years!
September 15, 2018
اين الطاوله
September 15, 2018
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