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finance(v) vs fund(v) Hi everyone, Could someone please tell me if there is any difference between finance(v) and fund(v)? Are they interchangeable in the following sentence? [Words] finance(v) - fund(v) [Sentence] This expansion of building new schools has been financed (funded) by taxpayer's money. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks, Nanako
15 de sep de 2018 23:08
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Hiya Nanako. I think they are synonyms and I think you can use either of them in that sentence. Be careful when using apostrophes! You have written "taxpayer's money". That means ONE taxpayer. You need to write "taxpayers' money." That means more than one taxpayer. Can you see the difference?
15 de Septiembre de 2018
The words "funded" and "financed" are very similar. However, some organizations have "funds" in reserve". They have "funds" set aside and already available for different projects, and therefore, don't need to be "financed" or supplied money from a bank. If you use the word, "financed" most people would believe you were talking about a loan. If the school had money in reserve collected from the student's parents, I would say they were "funded". Hope this helps
15 de Septiembre de 2018
Funding is actually the money provided by companies or by a government sector for a specific purpose, whereas, financing is a process of receiving capital or money for business purpose, and it is usually provided by financial institutions, such as, banks or other lending agencies.( Fund = Money expected to be received Finance = Current balance / expected to be transfered, recieved or sent. I'm expecting the funds to reach by 3PM. My financial situation isn't so good at the moment.
15 de Septiembre de 2018
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