Fluency in language and language levels ... Which level of language (from A1 to C2) corresponds to fluently speaking? what are your definitions of fluency? I also saw some courses "Fluent in 3 months" is that possible?
Sep 17, 2018 8:25 AM
Answers · 3
C2 is approximately native speaker level. Fluency means being able to speak clearly and without too much hesitation. It is not exactly the same thing as your speaking level, because it is possible to be fluent without being completely accurate and also without having a comprehensive vocabulary. I hope that helps! Steve
September 17, 2018
In North American universities, students spend about 1000 hours of class and study over two years to become moderately functional in a new language (read a newspaper, talk to people). In general, they are at a B2 level but not fluent. Private lessons can be very effective. Immersion programs can be very effective. In these situations, students get significant interactions and can become moderately fluent within their existing vocabulary (usually B1 or B2).
September 17, 2018
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