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Would you give me an example sentence using these 6 words respectively in English? I don't know how to use these 6 words. interrupt (混乱させる) disrupt (妨害する、混乱させる) confound (混乱させる、困惑させる) deranged (錯乱した、混乱した) fluster (混乱する) disorder (混乱) These meanings are similar in Japanese. I'm thinking it’s depending on the situation. Would you please give me an example sentence using these 6 words respectively?
Sep 17, 2018 11:41 AM
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interrupt - use when something is temporarily stopped by something else "Please do not interrupt me when I am speaking. I have not finished what I wanted to say." disrupt - use when something is creating chaos that interferes with something else. "The protestors plan to disrupt the event by using megaphones and shouting to prevent others from hearing the speaker." confound - use when confusion is the method to stop something from happening. "If you try to teach slang to students of English, it will confound their learning." deranged - crazy, insane "Charles Manson was a deranged lunatic." fluster - to mildly confuse someone temporarily "Don't let this extra task put you in a fluster. Relax and work through it step-by-step." disorder - when things are out of their place, slight chaos, not following the stated methods The rebellion of police officers refusing to arrest looters led to disorder on the streets. Do these make sense to you?
September 17, 2018
To "interrupt" means to break a pattern, a course or a plan. You could say, "I hate to INTERRUPT your dinner plans, but we have to make a necessary change." To "disrupt" means to throw into confusion or to upset. You could say, "Their late arrival DISRUPTED the timing of our dinner. I fear the chicken is very overcooked and dry!". A person who is "confounded" is puzzled or bewildered. You could say, "The old lady was CONFOUNDED when she received her hotel bill. It was double the amount she had expected". A person who is "flustered" is agitated and distracted. You could say, "The old woman didn't know which bus to take to get home. She was FLUSTERED and looked like she was about to cry." A "deranged" person is insane, mentally unbalanced, even dangerous. You could say, "Only a DERANGED person would commit such a crime". The word "disorder" means a lack of good arrangement. It can be applied to objects or to medical conditions. You could say, "The kitchen was in a sad state of DISORDER". Or "The man suffered from a heart DISORDER." Hope this helps
September 17, 2018
You most often interrupt a person: "Please don't interrupt me when I'm talking." "Sorry to interrupt, but does anyone want any coffee?" Although you can also interrupt a movie etc., but this most often means you are pausing it: "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news..." You disrupt an event: "Protesters disrupted the mayor's speech by chanting and playing drums."
September 17, 2018
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