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denting sales Hello, everyone! Could you help me please with the definition of "denting sales"? "Far from denting sales of the straight version, limited 50 editions appear to simply boost overall sales." Thanks!More cotext "People who buy the products tend to be older and female. With Celebrations, we are finding that younger people 40 and men are buying because the chocolates don’t come in the traditional-shaped box - they look different. Products such as Flyte and Celebrations are attempts to introduce a different product category and increase sales for retailers, rather than just shifting market share,’ a Mars spokesman says. One feature of the chocolate industry in recent years has been the emergence 45 of special editions. The concept was a marketing triumph. Producers believe that special editions offer the consumer a new and exciting variation of a product, while suggesting the same consistent quality they associate with familiar brands. Since special editions are only available for a few weeks while stocks last, they also have a unique quality about them. Far from denting sales of the straight version, limited 50 editions appear to simply boost overall sales. "
Sep 17, 2018 2:56 PM
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Literally, a "dent" is a small depression in a piece of wood or metal, made by something hitting it. Imagine a car moving slowly in a parking lot and hitting another car. It doesn't do any serious damage. It just puts a dent in the metal. Old cars gradually get scratches and dents. Big hailstorms put dents in cars. Grandchildren playing with toys sometimes put small dents into our wooden furniture. So, figuratively, a "dent" means "damage that is ugly, but not serious." Let's say Mars sold $30 billion in the year 2017. Let's say Hershey, a big competitor, introduces a new candy bar (for example, Hershey's Gold, a bizarre product that contains no chocolate). If, as a result of Hershey's new product, Mars only sold $29 billion in 2018, we might say "Hershey definitely put a dent in Mars' sales this year." If Mars sold $30 billion, we might say "Hershey didn't even put a dent in Mars' sales." If Mars only sold $20 billion, we might say "Hershey did serious damage to Mars' sales this year."
September 17, 2018
"Putting a dent in something" is an idiom meaning that you have made a noticeable difference in breaking something down. So 'denting' sales means that sales would have seen a noticeable downturn. Does that make sense?
September 17, 2018
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