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Transitive Inseparable/Separable or Intransitive Verbal Phrase "My brother borrowed my car. I have a feeling he’s not about to give it back." In this sentence, is the verbal phrase "give back" 1) transitive inseparable, 2) transitive separable or 3) intransitive
Sep 18, 2018 12:38 AM
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Transitive, separable. In fact, the direct object "it" is between "give" and "back", thus separating the verb. The separation of separable verbs is mandatory when the DO is a pronoun (we cannot say *"give back it").
September 18, 2018
Thanks Liam. It's actually a sentence from my TEFL course. :)
September 18, 2018
This is actually a popular sentence in American slang, "He's not bout to give it back". (If you're trying to use slang, skip the "a" in about) If I'm "about to" eat that means I'm going to do it very soon. If someone asked "What are you doing right now?" A valid/typical answer would be "Im about to go get some dinner". For your context, it's not an incorrect sentence and a native speaker can say it without people noticing, but most people would say it "He's not going to give it back" OR "He probably wont be giving it back" OR "I'll probably not be getting that back".
September 18, 2018
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