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Can I use the word "even" if I mean that smth had no way to happen or smth is impossible to happen? For example: "Who even knew it?" in meaning that nobody have a chance to knew something. "I didn't even go there" in meaning that I had no way to go to the some place. "I don't even have any idea about it" in meaning that I really don't have an idea about something.
18 wrz 2018 20:51
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1. A good way to work out if "even" is a good word is to create some context comparison. e.g. How could I be an expert on the city of Moscow? I have not even visited it once . [ = Visiting Moscow once is a minimal requirement if you want to try to become an expert on it] e.g. How can he pass his English exam? He has not even bought a coursebook. 2. I have no idea ...." is already emphatic. Adding "even" does not help. 3. Nobody had the possibility to know ... = Nobody could have known ..... "even" is not necessary for the meaning.
18 września 2018
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