Cesar Lopez
господин, госпожа? Do russians really use these words? If not, what are the alternatives? Hello! I'm learning Russian, but reading certain forums and blogs, it came to my attention that the words господин and госпожа, which are taught in certain books, are not really used in Russia, and they have certain connotations and links to the past. They say russians usually greet people with their first name and patronymic if they want to be a bit formal. But what about if you don't know the first name and patronymic? Or what about the case where the person is not russian, and has a non-russian name, like me, for example? 1. Are the words господин - госпожа really used in Russia? If not, are there any alternatives? 2. How would you say, for example "He is Mr. Lopez. He is an old friend of mine."? 3. How would you say "Do you know Mrs. Smith? She went to the same school as you." Thanks a lot for your help!
Sep 19, 2018 1:26 AM
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1. It is, indeed, a problem. In the USSR, everyone used "товарищ" (comrade) regardless of the person's gender and status, so things were simple. In modern Russia, we are back to "господин" / "госпожа", but these are often considered too formal. "Господин" / "госпожа" are commonly used for high-rank politicians and business people. In the news, you can often hear things like "Господин А нанес визит...", "Господин Б провел переговоры..." etc. In less formal situations, we generally use first name, or first name + surname, or first name + patronymic. 2. If you want to introduce your old friend, in most cases, the first name is enough: Это Андрей, мой друг. (If you introduce him to your colleagues or other friends.) First name + surname sounds slightly more formal: Это Андрей Николаев, мой друг. First name + patronymic is even more formal: Это Андрей Алексеевич, мой друг. (Generally used for people of mature age, maybe 40+.) 3. First name + surname is fine: Вы знаете Марию Петрову? Она училась с вами в одной школе. Or, more colloquial: Ты знаешь Машу Петрову? Она училась с тобой в одной школе.
September 19, 2018
It is a great question 1. Господин and госпожа are not used in spoken Russian. But if you really need to show a respect to someone you can use it. If you want to address me in a formal or just respectful way you can use Вы form instead of saying Госпожа Мария. 2. As previous respondents said, you do not need to say anything like Mr/Mrs if you want to introduce your friend. The given name is enough. 3. If you want to remind somebody about someone other you can use First name + Last name. In the end I would like to add that sometimes you can use Господин/госпожа when you address to someone. But usually it is not that formal as it is a joking form.
September 19, 2018
сеsar, you notеd corrеctly. Addrеsing a pеrson, whеn thе namе is unknown is a problеm. 1. somеtimеs by somе pеoplе in somе sitations. I'm only awarе of usе in my circlе, and in my circlе no tеrms of addrеss arе usеd. I hopе somеonе morе familiar with thosе 'somе situations' and 'somе pеoplе' will writе on whеn it is usеd. 2. Dеpеnding on thе lеvеl of formality and..... ....your own habits. Actully if you'rе an old friеnd of minе, only _your_ habits can makе mе usе anything bеsidеs your givеn namе(s) with my friеnds:-) "With my friеnds" is not too formal a situation! And thеy don't addrеss еach othеr with partonymics. Considеrations arе thеsе: Family namе isn't usеd to show rеspесt. Patronymic can't bе usеd (unlеss you dеcidеd to adopt it yoursеlf). Wе all arе accustomеd to Еnglish spеaking forеignеrs who just usе givеn namеs, so еvеn among pеoplе who usе patronymics it won't sound as disrеspесt. BUT: if I nееd to show my rеspеct to you and givе thе pеoplе I'm introducing you to mеans for doing thе samе, thеn I must simply usе thе tеrm form Your country and еvеryonе is happy:) 3. Givеn namе and surnamе. I nееd to _idеntify_ a pеrson. Hеr surnamе is nеcеssary. No, nothing likе "Mrs." can bе usеd in this contеxt.
September 19, 2018
При обращении к человеку, имени которого вы не знаете, можно сказать «девушка» (жен.) или «молодой человек» (муж.) Например, — Девушка, который час? — Молодой человек, повторите ваш вопрос, пожалуйста.
September 25, 2018
In Russian, we don't use words "господин.госпожа" , we usually use these words in the plural " Господа" , if you want to say something in a formal , you should use first name and last name or just "Вы"
September 22, 2018
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