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On or About ways to stay healthy Which one is correct? “It plans to offer classes on ways to stay healthy” or “It plans to offer classes about ways to stay healthy” I don’t know I shoud use “on ways” or “about ways” in the context. Also, I don’t know the difference of those.
19 Eyl 2018 02:32
Answers · 3
I think that both are OK there. There is very little difference.
19 Eylül 2018
I agree with Gary, the difference is minimal, and both are "correct", but I would probably use "on" in this context. "On" suggests that the student is learning practical strategies to use. "About" suggests a more theoretical gathering of information. So it can depend on why someone is attending the classes. If you need to improve your health and want help with this, use "on". If you simply want to be better informed about the subject, use "about".
24 Eylül 2018
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