What's the difference between " being consistent " and " being persistent " Can you give me some examples using the two words and can they be interchangeable in some cases ?
Sep 19, 2018 1:33 PM
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She consistently keeps her promises. He studies consistently throughout the day. They hang out consistently. Though she was informed the remedy had no effect, she persisted in taking it. Despite the many hateful remarks thrown at her, she persistently smiled. Those who persist will succeed. The word -consistently- is most closely associated with frequent actions. Think 'at every chance' or 'very often' The word -persistently- takes the same meaning of continuous or frequent, but also infers a struggle that one continues despite of. Think of it like this: You consistently walk to school. (Frequency) Although the High School is much farther than the Middle School, you persisted in walking. (Continued action in the face of conflict)
September 19, 2018
Hi, *consistent -- especially said when your actions are one and the same with your words *persistent -- when you are determined into accomplishing your targets Someway they can be synonyms, because if you want to be *Persistent, you also have to be *Consistent with your intentions... -- therefore in a Job offer you will be typically asked to be "Persistent", because it means that "you work for results"; -- but you will be never asked to be "Consistent" because this refers to some "social" aspects of you, which are not strictly important in productivity. Fine?
September 19, 2018
example... i want to buy a house.. so i decided to save my 50 percent of my daily allowance every day .. so everyday i am being consistent in saving my money.. while being persistent is.... you are insisting your mom to buy that house tomorrow
September 19, 2018
being consistent means doing something contineously or being focus to finish once goal.. you are being consistent... while being persistent is same as insisting to do something ...either it be in a positive or negative way you insist to do it..
September 19, 2018
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