transcended the cycles of birth and rebirth...what does this sentence mean? Six centuries before Christ, an Indian prince sat under a tree, vowing not to move until he had transcended the cycles of birth and rebirth
Sep 21, 2018 2:21 AM
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In Hinduism(and other similar religions in India), The soul, that one possesses, is considered as a part of the divine (the creator) and one is supposed to be reincarnated as one of 8.4M species (a number, in old scriptures) according to his/her Karma in present life. Now, if one is wise enough to recognise this never ending cycle of rebirth and acts according to Dharma, the soul may reunite to the divine (called Moksh or Nirvana). Now scriptures are filled with examples and their Karmas. Few are said to be achieved this by getting free of all attachments, going in Samadhi (a long state of being motionless, self-reflection and thinking) and then mending their ways by some realisation. That's the 'thing' the prince is trying to achieve here.
September 21, 2018
Yes, it means that the prince - who believed in repeated cycles of reincarnation - wanted to finally break free of that process by being united to the divine. To transcend something means to move (or to be) above or beyond it. So we might say 'God transcends our understanding', meaning that we cannot understand everything about him because he is so far above us and so different from us. I hope that helps! Steve
September 21, 2018
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