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What songs do you recommend for people seeking to improve their spanish? As we all know, listening and singing songs in the language that you want to learn is a huge resource. What songs do you recommend for people seeking to improve their spanish?
21 wrz 2018 17:30
Answers · 7
I recommend you "baladas románticas" because those are not so fast. They are easy to understand. These links are oldies because nowadays everything is reggaeton.
21 września 2018
Vivo Pensando En TI by Felipe Pelaez featuring Maluma is a favorite of mine.
22 września 2018
i like to use "Un million de amigos". The words of the verses will take some practice, but the chorus is easy and contains useful language like "I want to have" and "to be able to" and everybody loves to sing it.
22 września 2018
If you want to improve your Spanish, these songs might help you: Te he echado de menos by Pablo Alborán El patio by Pablo López Uno x uno, by Manuel Carrasco. They are very popular in Spain. You can also practice these songs on lyricstraining ( Te he echado de menos and El patio are on the web for sure) Hope that helps!
21 września 2018
i think is important to know what kind of music do you like. i can recomend old Shakira songs like "moscas en la casa" "octavo dia" cause on my opinion shi doens't over stress the words. if you find hers "mtv unpluged" i think it could helps a little.
21 września 2018
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