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dintre/dintr-un/dintr-o buna ziua tuturor! Could you please explain the differences among dintre, dintr-o, and dintr-un? Thank you!
2018년 9월 22일 오전 11:50
Answers · 3
Bună ziua! :) In short, we use "dintre" for plural forms, both male and female. And then, we use "dintr-o" when we are referring to a feminine noun and "dintr-un" when we are referring to a masculine one. I hope this was useful! :)
2018년 9월 28일
The words 'dintr-o' and 'dintr-un' are the combinations of the words 'dintre'+'o' and 'dintre'+'un'. The 'o' is undefined female article. The 'un' is undefined male article.
2018년 9월 27일
Thank you Venceslas and Adriana for your explanations!
2018년 10월 5일
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