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The word lizard "If I even think about having a cigarette or dropping an f-bomb, her head splits open and this nasty humpbacked lizard wearing an apron pops out. See, there it is." It's a sentence from a book I'm reading now. I'm interested whether the word lizard has any other meanings apart from that of an animal. Well, I have this feeling because of the phrase "See, there it is" which means that the speaker either wants to have a cigarette or is about to say (or said) a swear word. So what do you think? Maybe I'm just overthinking this XD
2018年9月22日 22:14
Answers · 3
It is figurative. You are overthinking it. Some attribute of a lizard, that the author thinks is sufficiently universally known by readers is being used. Personally I think little skinks and gekkos are cute, so the piece means litle to me. . I guess "humpbacked" is another attempt to let you know it should be an unfavourable reaction.
In this sentence "lizard" just means ящерица. And "See, there it is" would be Видишь, вот она. But obviously the whole paragraph is describing an unreal fantasy situation.
f bomb refers to the strongest weapon in one's verbal arsenal. in a time when words like 'bitch' and 'ass' have lost their shock value in pop culture, the word 'fuck' is still like dropping a bomb in polite conversation. Source:
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