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Please check my writing on whether theoretical knowledge have contribution to personal success. It is understandable that some young people today drop out of college, because there are successful entrepreneurs or business leaders who did not complete a university degree. In my view, what students have learned at university is vitally important to a fulfilling career. By learning theories at university, people can gain a full understanding of concepts and principles of different subjects, so they can build expertise in their professions. Many theories have developed on the basis of empirical knowledge, so these theories have practical implications and people who are familiar with theories can deal with practical problems at work. For example, a psychiatrist cannot identify effective therapies, unless he or she attends some university courses to gain an insight into all theories about the causes of different mental health problems. Academic study can also improve the problem-solving abilities of learners and empower them to exercise creative potential.
Sep 23, 2018 2:12 AM
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I normally refer people who post correction text here to the 'Notebook' section of this website, as there are usually a lot of errors, and it is easier to highlight the errors using the tools on that page. However, after a quick read through, I can't see any obvious errors. There are a couple of minor changes I would make: entrepreneurs and business of the concepts exercise their creative
September 23, 2018
First, thank you for submitting your question. I would not put a comma between college and because, and also, between therapies and he. This may just be a personal preference. Microsoft spellcheck approved either version!
September 23, 2018
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