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Please check my writing on whether theoretical knowledge have contribution to personal success. 2 University students need to collect information on different subject matters to finish essays and reports, so they gain experience in analysing different unfamiliar matters and tackling these problems effectively. When they embark on their careers, they will show confidence in doing research when problems surface, and come up with corresponding solutions. In contrast, those people they do not go to a university may receive some practical training to deal with some general tasks, but they may be helpless in the face of unusual problems. Meanwhile, we must recognise the fact that theoretical knowledge is not the only determinant of success. Many successful people have some personality traits in common. An optimistic, diligent and sociable person is able to overcome difficulties and cooperate with others to achieve success. Another factor might be the social network, by which people can draw upon ideas of experts, investors and business managers, such as those managers who understand
Sep 23, 2018 2:29 AM
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...those people (they) --> those people who do not go to university (same comment with Nanren888) they may be helpless (in the face) --> when facing unusual problems. Hope it helps :)
September 23, 2018
Add a full stop at the end. :) Otherwise it is good. Did you want a grammar check, or naturalness, or style critique? :) . I'd be inclined to write "go to university", rather than "go to a university", as it is slightly more generic and some like myself went to more than one. NOt incorrect, just a point. . Another factor might be the social network, "the" seems a little funny here, though not incorrect. Seem as if you are saying, ... the social network of that person. ("the" ==> definite) Another factor might be social networks, ? .. by which people can draw .. also ok, but could be neater as .. might be social networks, which allow people to draw ... Not wrong, just a different approach. .
September 23, 2018
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