How do i translate this in Japanese?? My friend is going to Japan(Osaka) for 1 year. I'm gifting her a card so i wanted to write some short phrases in Japanese. {Google translate is not helping} 1. Happiness is being your best friend. (will it be something like--> shiawase to wa..?) 2. when u feel lonely or scared look at this. 3. Have a wonderful year ahead i need these in short because the card is short and im writing vertically (tategaki) Thankyou in advance!
Sep 23, 2018 2:58 AM
Answers · 3
1. A direct translation is 幸せとは、あなたの親友でいることです, but it might sound a bit like translation-type of Japanese words. I think this is words that might be good for a card: あなたと親友でいられて幸せ (I'm happy I'm your best friend.) 2. さみしい時や怖い時は、これを見てね 3. ステキな一年を過ごしてね I hope this helps!
September 23, 2018
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