J'ai plus de temps Sorry...I don't know how to ask this question in French.

I have been listening to the song "Un Peu de Rêve" by Vitaa. When I looked up the lyrics with the translation, there were two different versions. Both of them had the same translation for these lines, which confused me. It translated these lines like this:

J'ai plus de temps = I don't have any more time

J'ai plus de cran = I don't have the guts/courage

I thought this meant the opposite because <<ne>> is not used. I thought it meant "I have more time," and "I have more guts."

Please explain. Thank you!

Sep 24, 2018 12:21 AM
Answers · 2
The adverbe "plus" can either mean "more", in this case you have to prononce the 's' at the end. Or it can means the negative form, in this case the 's' is not prononced. In casual French, we tend to ommit the 'ne' part and only say "plus"/"pas". So "J'ai plus de temps" = "Je n'ai plus de temps" = I don't have anymore time. If you have trouble telling apart th2 cases, pay attention to how "plus" is pronounced. Good luck
September 24, 2018
Official French would be je n'ai plus de temps, but in common speech French speakers leave out the "ne." So the translation is correct.
September 24, 2018
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