Derek Bristow
Please correct the following sentences for me, thanks in advance! 【XJQ 1】 Hi, could you please check the following sentence for me? English Version: 1 Button Mini Electric Wine Aerator - Portable Wine Oxygenator, Cup Breather with Vacuum Stopper, Instant Aeration for Red Wine and White Wine (Batteries Not Included) Spanish Version: 1 Botón Mini Aerador Eléctrico del Vino - Oxigenador Portable para Vino, Respiradero de la Taza con Tapón del Vacío, Aireación Inmediata para Vino Tinto y Vino Banco (Baterías no Incluidas) PS: The above sentence is not exactly a sentence, it is a title that I wrote to describe a certain product. Looking forward to hearing from you soon and thank you very much in advance!
Sep 24, 2018 2:47 AM
Answers · 2
My translation would be: Mini oxigenador ( o aireador) eléctrico para vino de un solo botón -oxigenador portátil para vino, decantador con tapón de vacío para la copa. Aireado inmediato para vino tinto y blanco. Baterías no incluídas. As I can read from your text, it looks like you have translated literally from English. Be careful because this kind of text is specific (it speaks about tools for wine lovers), so each tool could have a different name in Spanish. Anyway, there is a common mistake : Cup is "copa" in Spanish when we are talking about wine.
September 24, 2018
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