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皮膚與肌膚有何區別? 最近我在書裡經常看到這樣的句子:“她有橄欖色的肌膚...“ 翻譯者為何用“肌膚”這個詞?肌膚與皮膚有何區別? 謝謝大家的幫助。
Sep 25, 2018 10:07 PM
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They are a little bit different. the phrase construction 皮+膚 = skin + skin -> it indicates only the surface -> superficial while 肌 + 膚 = muscle + skin -> it's more than superficial -> figuratively means intamate relationship. When you try to compliment your girlfriend who has a flawless skin, you'd better say 妳有光滑無瑕的肌膚. And if it is at the right time and right place, maybe both of you'd like to have a 肌膚之親。
September 26, 2018
意思 沒有區別,肌膚一般用于文學,皮膚一般用于醫學。
September 26, 2018
"肌膚"its metaphorical meaning is "close relation"∶比喻男女之間親密的關系 例如:"肌膚"之親 在這個句子,就不能使用"皮膚"In this sentence, you can't use "皮膚". 例如:夫妻間的肌膚之親是自然的表現。 Intimate relations between husband and wife is natural. "皮膚"比喻膚淺;淺近its metaphorical meaning is "superficial" "皮膚"之見(of a person) never thinking about things that are serious or important
September 26, 2018
肌肤·,指的是那种有活力、有生命力的、饱满有光泽的、有弹性的年轻人的,起码是个中年人的健康的皮肤。 皮肤,是泛指各种各样的皮肤,老年人的皮肤,是不可能叫肌肤的,那些稀松的皮肤是不可能叫肌肤的。
September 27, 2018
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