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What is meaning of Lame? What is meaning of Lame?

Please give some explanation on 2 sentences below:

1. That's a lame joke.

2. How to deal with lame guys?

26 de sep de 2018 5:33
Answers · 4
1. This is a lame joke. - this is a bad joke. it's not funny or its been told so many times that people are bored of it. 2. Lame guys. - this can mean many different negative things all kind of meaning 'not cool' Lame guys could be: -boring -rude or mean -lazy or unmotivated -unsuccessful -not romantic enough -annoying ... the list could go on forever.
26 de Septiembre de 2018
Lame joke = bad joke. Lame guys = guys who girls would have extremely low interest in. Generally, “lame” means “bad” or “low quality.”
26 de Septiembre de 2018
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