Aisyah Putri Rezeki
howhere to find english speaking partner?? hii. So I downloaded this apps around June but just use it for a week. I found it's hard to find some talking partner here. I've sent message to around 20 person or even more and only 2 who replied me and 1 of them is teacher here. Suppperrr sad hahahaaha but it's okayy I'm looking for a partner to improve my english, especially in talking. I'm purely here to improving my english, no ulterior motive.. So my question is, can you tell me how to get ab english speaking partner (and also Japanese if it'a possible)? Do you use another apps like this? If yes, can you tell me the name of the app or site? thank you soooo much
Sep 26, 2018 12:28 PM
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Hello Aisyah, Italki is a language exchange platform. It means you offer your ability to help other members and you can also write some posts in the target language you're learning. You could help those who are learning bahasa Indonesia. Give them the best corrections, I'm sure some of them won't be mind to invite you as a language partner. Wish you the best, Tere
September 26, 2018
Hi Aisyah; This is where people looking for language partners go. I hope this helps, Stephen
September 26, 2018
Me too i have the same problem : ( I'm trying to found English partner with me to improve my English language
September 26, 2018
hihi yeah I try my best to write something. but seems like what I've written is a trash lol
September 28, 2018
I agree with you. I filter my search to find native chinese speakers who also understand mid-level english and that are learning spanish in order to have a language exchange and practice. No responses. For writing practice this app is great though. I am not an english native speaker but write If you want to chat and practice sometime.
September 26, 2018
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