How to use though in a sentence without “even” I can’t understand what exactly though means.
Sep 27, 2018 9:52 PM
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You have been asked to use "though" without "even" because "even though" is a commonly overused phrase , particularly among children and ESL students! Dont stress, its quite simple. "Though" is the modern spelling of old english "tho" , ( yay tho i walk through The Valley in the shadow of death.... etc!!) and its easier to understand in that context. Though (tho) learning another language is hard at times , it pays to persevere. I dont always understand my teacher, though she speaks clearly and slowly to me. The sun is shining, though knowing English weather it will change in a minute It is a useful subsitute word to consider if you find yourself overusing the word "but" in sentence construction. Though dont over do it!!
September 27, 2018
'Though' can be used as either a conjunction (something that joins sentences/clauses/phrases) or an adverb (something that modifies the meaning of a verb, etc). As a conjunction - I really like Sue, though I don't see her much anymore. As an adverb - I expected him to lose, though.
September 27, 2018
Imagine an art competition with two judges discussing an entry. One might say "This painting is very life-like." The other might respond "I do not like the colours though". So though is used to agree with a point, but then to make a counterpoint. Another example- two teenage girls discussing a boy..."He is very handsome." In response "Yes. He is arrogant though."
September 27, 2018
"Though" is like "But", but you can find it both at the end or at the beginning or even in the middle of a sentence. Something that "but" can't do. The vaccine effort though is really quite different. = But the vaccine... There must be a reason, though. = But there must be ... She has a big problem, though. = But she has a ... That's it
September 27, 2018
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