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Are this sentences correct and clear? Could you tell me if this sentences/tasks are correct and clear? Is there a better, and brief, way to express them? Clients acquisition. Search of partnerships. Trips planning and organization. Check-in, management and support of new clients. Updating of databases and QR codes. WeChat groups management. Registration, evaluation and solution of incidents. Creation of an internal satisfaction survey. Prevention of Occupational Hazards presentation. Participation in the selection process. Elaboration and file of invoices. Reception and transfer of calls Reception and shipping of packages and letters Verification of the diets expenses. Editing in Confluence and creation of a manual for its use. Preparation of visual materials for internal and external uses.
Sep 27, 2018 11:56 PM
Answers · 3
At least three of these would be better if they were expanded a bit. "Acquisition of clients." "Planning and organization of trips." "Management of WeChat groups." "Presentation about Prevention of Occupational Hazards." Remember that with the exception of the words "these" and "those", there are no plural adjectives in English. Thus, it is better to say "Acquisition of Clients" instead of "Clients Acquisition". I agree that the notebook would be a better place to get corrections for every one of these. There are more that need to be fixed in one way or another.
September 28, 2018
About half are OK, the other half are not. Even your question is not right: 'Are these...' In a couple I would have to guess what you mean. This is really too long for this section of this website - please use the notebook section instead for larger texts for correction.
September 28, 2018
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