what does "no jane "here mean? We were doubled up in living quarters and he came into my hut. Inside of a week there was a cabinet photograph of some Tarleton girl nailed brutally to the shack wall. "She's no jane or anything like that. She's a society girl; goes with all the best people here." The following Sunday afternoon I met the lady at a semiprivate swimming pool in the country. When Ailie and I arrived, there was Schoen's muscular body rippling out of a bathing suit at the far end of the pool.
Sep 28, 2018 3:24 PM
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I have never read F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last of the Belles. However, my guess would be that she is not a common or average person. This is based on my belief that Jane used to be a very common name and the context of the rest of the sentence. That's my best guess.
September 28, 2018
looking at the clues the other three users have provided to me. "no Jane" = she is no average ordinary girl. She is a society girl. the best clue being provided by Jeffrey who gave the books title as "the last of the bells. belles are society girls. from amazon books google search. Inspired by Fitzgerald’s own courtship of his future wife Zelda, ‘The Last of the Belles’ centres on the Southern beauty Ailie Calhoun from Tarleton, Georgia, who finds herself the object of attention of all the officers at a nearby army base, including the narrator, Andy. A wistful and melancholy exploration of unfulfilled dreams and lost youth, the story is considered one of Fitzgerald’s finest pieces of short fiction. belle definition a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event. the term was often used amongst high society people at their grand balls.
September 28, 2018
As a third alternative it could refer to the "Jane" character created in the Second World War to boost morale. Details here I wonder which of us is right
September 28, 2018
'Jane' refers to Jane in the Tarzan stories. Jane is a woman who finds Tarzan and ends up living a very wild life in the jungle, with none of the amenities of modern life. So 'she's no Jane' implies that this woman can't do without those amenities, indeed she relishes everything that 'civilised' life has to offer. I hope that helps! Steve
September 28, 2018
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