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About accents Hello everyone! I'm listening to one audiobook right now and there's one thing I'm curious about. Could someone please listen to this short audio and tell me: 1) Is it easy for you to tell what accent the narrator is trying to do? 2) Does it sound authentic to you?  [Just in case: I have no intention to criticise or praise the narrator because of that; I'm just wondering what it sounds like to a native English speaker]
Sep 28, 2018 3:50 PM
Answers · 11
The narrator is English, one of the voices he's doing is Southern British English , the other is supposed to be Irish - what we call "stage Irish"- it doesn't sound authentic to me (I'm Irish), but it's recognisable what accent he's attempting, and to non-Irish native speakers it might sound authentic
September 28, 2018
There are three accents here: the narrator's 'own' voice, plus the two accents of the characters he's portraying. I agree with Aisling that first character we hear is a rather exaggerated 'stage Irish', while the second character - the 'tempter' - is fairly posh southern English. To a native speaker's ear, these two accents are very obvious indeed. The only point I disagree on is the narrator's voice. It is not English. In fact, it's a soft Scottish accent, possibly from Edinburgh. Listen to how he says 'eagerly' around 20 sec. - that's clearly a Scottish voice.
September 28, 2018
Hello, In which part are you interested in the accent? The narrator is doing a variety of accents in this clip. Thanks, Lana
September 28, 2018
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