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How do you call these things?... I was googling how to call "álbunes coleccionables" in English, but I got some options and I'm still kind of confused. - Collectible Albums (according to Google translator) but it refers just to music when I searched in the images section. - Stamp Collection. Someone from the US told me that. I googled it, but there are just stamps you use for mailing. - Sticker Album, but it seems it refers to the albums whose cards are stickers. There are some albums that you need to put some glue on the cards. Thanks in advance.
Sep 28, 2018 4:38 PM
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There is also a special word, "scrapbook." A scrapbook is a kind of album. It's used for organized collections of paper souvenirs and memorabilia--things you've kept to remember a trip or a time in your life. A scrapbook might contain newspaper clippings. It might contain ticket stubs from plays or concerts. It might contain postcards or travel brochures from places you've visited.
September 28, 2018
You probably mean a "stamp collection," kept in "stamp albums." An "album" can mean a book with blank pages, designed to have things pasted into them. Photos are pasted into "photo albums." Some people collect stamps. In my desk drawer I keep new US stamps for mailing letters. However, that isn't a "stamp collection." Stamp collections are made by "stamp collectors" (sometimes called "philatelists," "filatelistas" en español )They make a hobby of collecting postage stamps of from many countries. They often keep their stamp collection in a "stamp album." Some of the stamps might be used and canceled. Some might be from the 1800s or the 1930s. Some stamp albums are pre-printed with black-and-white images of particular stamps in them, organized by country, date, and stamp series. You can put each stamp in the album in its proper place. The history of "album" with regard to music is interesting. In the days of 78 rpm shellac records, each record only played for four to seven minutes. A symphony might require four separate records. They were sold packaged in "albums." Each record was in a page-like sleeve. The sleeves were bound in like the pages of a book. When 33-1/3 rpm long-playing "LP" records were introduced in the 1950s, a single vinyl record held the same amount of music as an entire album, so they were still called "albums." Popular music artists might release their songs as "singles" (one song on each side of a 45 rpm record). Or, they might release them as a related group of songs on an "album." So, the word "album" has come to mean "an organized group of songs by a single artist."
September 28, 2018
Hi, Lumar. I might be wrong (as I don't know Spanish), but it coulbe a "collector's album". At least they could be of different types and shapes: for coins,photos, stickers etc, depending on what you are collecting.
September 28, 2018
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