free pass time from accountability confuse me ,what does free pass mean? “Right now, we are watching one white cisgender man fall apart on national television from the rage, terror, and fear he is experiencing over the loss of his entitlement, his privilege, and his life-time free pass from accountability for his actions,” said CREDO Action Co-Director Heidi Hess in a statement. “This is a microcosm of how all the intertwined systems and people that maintain systemic misogyny and patriarchy are reacting to losing their power. We are going to win, but they are not going to let go without a fight.”
Sep 28, 2018 4:41 PM
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Norman's comment is a good answer. The one thing I would add in case you are not aware is that a 'free pass' is something like a free ticket allowing you to do something.
September 29, 2018
thanks norman
September 29, 2018
September 28, 2018
What is actually says is "life-time free pass from accountability" "life-time" means while he is alive "free pass from accountability" means he does not have to be responsible for his actions. Put together it means he does not ever need to take responsibility for the consequences of what he does.
September 28, 2018
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