please check up,point out and correct my mistakes in story below [emoji] At one Noel night, a pregnant young woman is groping her friend's way in the dark. this way has a bridge over a deep ditch. she looses her footing which causes birth angs.she knows that she couldn't go further so she decides to crawl down the bridge... She gives birth a little boy there alone. not having any things but thick cotton overcoat which she is wearing, she takes it off and wraps her newborn baby in it like cocoon. then she is exhausted beside her son. In the next morning ,a woman drives the car which is out of order near the bridge pier. when she gets down the car and comes across the bridge, she hears weak cry below. going down, she looks a alive ravenous baby and his mother lies stiff in death with cold. The woman adopts the baby. when he grows up, he usually requires his foster mother to tell a day when she found him.on his twelfth birthday,he asks his adoptive mother to drive him to his pity mother's tomb.he takes clothes off one by one:"mom was colder then me now, wasn't you?".
Sep 30, 2018 2:04 AM
Answers · 4
You should post a notebook instead of an open question. :)
September 30, 2018
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