question George had floated through his classes at Stovington. A soccer and baseball star, his academic program had been fairly undemanding and he had been content with C's and an occasional B in history or botany. He was a fierce field contender but a lackadaisical, amused sort of student in the classrooms Jack was familiar with the type, more from his own days as a high school and college student than from his teaching experience, which was at second hand. George Hatfield was a jock. He could be a calm, undemanding figure in the classroom, but when the right set of competitive stimuli was applied (like electrodes to the temples of Frankenstein's monster, Jack thought wryly), he could become a juggernaut. Q 1: What's the meaning of 'C's?' Q 2: when the right set of competitive stimuli was applied == when the right set of competitive stimuli was applied in the classroom or in the field? why?
Sep 30, 2018 10:50 AM
Answers · 4
1: A, B, C, D, F are grades given in classes. A is the best, F is failing. He got C's which are average grades. He was content with being average. 2: the "right set of competitive stimuli was applied he could become a juggernaut" means that when he was challenged by a task or a competition, he could perform very well. He is content with being average until something challenges him in an interesting way.
September 30, 2018
1: C grades. He mostly got C grades in his classes. 2: It isn't clear. I assume it means either, or in fact, in any situation. He was someone who responded to competition.
September 30, 2018
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