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the semantic subject of "challenging our reality testing" is "permanency? Online environments vary widely in how easily you can save whatever happens there, what I call its recordability and preservability. Even though the design, activities, and membership of social media might change over time, the content of what people posted usually remains intact. Email, video, audio, and text messages can be saved. When perfect preservation is possible, time has been suspended. Whenever you want, you can go back to reexamine those events from the past. In other situations, permanency slips between our fingers, even challenging our reality testing about whether something existed at all, as when an email that we seem to remember receiving mysteriously disappears from our inbox. The slightest accidental tap of the finger can send an otherwise everlasting document into nothingness. 1) the semantic subject of "challenging our reality testing" is "permanency? Actually I don't understand what the sentence including the word means. Please.
2 paź 2018 01:14
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Here, "challenging" is not a verb: it is the beginning of a participial phrase, so it doesn't have a subject. Permanency slips through our fingers, like water: when we try to hold onto it, we fail. The fact that we cannot hold onto permanency challenges our ability to know what is real and what is not. We remember receiving an email, but it is not in our inbox, and we do not know if we should doubt our technology or our memory. The fact that we expect digital things to be permanent makes us confused about what is real and what is not.
2 października 2018
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