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ambition Hello, everyone! Could you please give an example of the sentence where after a word "ambition" gerund is used? I've always thought that I could use only the infinitive, until I came across this: "The gerund as the prediactive may be used in the following patterns. A In sentences of this kind the subject is usually expressed by denoting abstract notions such as ambition, aim, hobby, desire, etc." e.g. His hobby is collecting modern pictures. The main thing is getting there in time.
2 окт. 2018 г., 9:42
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Hi Sasha, as requested, here are some examples: 1. My aim is getting a promotion annually. 2. My ambition is piloting planes with the best. 3. My hobby is baking. As you can see, the gerund or gerund phrase in each sentence is a predicate nominative. There are cases where it's more clearly more natural to use either infinitives or gerunds: His target is to master Spanish. (Yes) His target is mastering Spanish. (No) His hobby is baking. (Yes) His hobby is to bake. (No, in this case, we would expect him to bake regularly as it is his hobby.) I hope this helps.
2 октября 2018 г.
His hobby is collecting modern pictures. (Fine) His ambition is owning every modern picture in the world. (Hmm, less good. I'd be tempted to agree with you that an infinitive would be better here : "His ambition is to own...)
2 октября 2018 г.
His ambition was waning (shrinking, ebbing, withering, evaporating). His ambition was growing (increasing, mounting, building, intensifying).
2 октября 2018 г.
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