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What does “pretty trick” mean? “My lord, have you forgotten who I am?” His breath smelled of ale and onions. “Must I speak to the queen? A word from Her Grace and I can have this wildling girl delivered naked to the hall for our inspection.” That would be a pretty trick, even for a queen. “The queen would never presume upon our hospitality,” Jon said, hoping that was true. “Now I fear I must take my leave, before I forget the duties of a host. Lord Tycho, pray excuse me.” Excerpt From A Dance with Dragons, novel Hi. What does “pretty trick” mean? And could you give me the dictionary definition for the two words in this context respectively here? Thank you.
Oct 3, 2018 7:48 AM
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Hi, This is a usual but weird use of the word pretty. In this case it means, highly or superior. For exmple; That's a pretty cool jacket you are wearing. The jacket is highly cool. What your sentence is saying is that if successful, this trick would be a superior trick, in deed. Even for a queen. Regarding looking things up for you, in the dictionary. Sorry. That's not how one learns. There is a link to an online dictionary. Have a great day, Stephen
October 3, 2018
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