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Placement of ne … pas around verb Bonjour ! I noticed that my fitness tracker reminds me: "Ne vous arrêtez pas là" Why is is structured like this, and not "Vous n'arrêtez pas là" Merci
Oct 3, 2018 10:16 PM
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Hi George, I won’t be able to answer why it is like that. I can only answer how it works. Firstly, your sentence is in imperative mode, I mean that it is similar to an order. Secondly, it is a reflexive verb such as: S’arrêter S’habiller Se taire Se cacher Se rendre … In these conditions, sentences are built like the following positive-negative forms: Pos. : [Verb] [pronoun] ! Neg. : [Ne] [pronoun] [verb] [pas] ! Pos. : arrêtez-vous ! Neg. : Ne vous arrêtez pas ! Pos. : Habillez-vous ! Neg. : Ne vous habillez pas ! Pos. : Taisez-vous ! Neg. : Ne vous taisez pas ! Pos. : Cachez-vous ! Neg. : Ne vous cachez pas ! Pos. : Rendez-vous ! Neg. : Ne vous rendez pas Remark: Imperative mode is used for 2nd pers. sing / 1st pers. plur / 2nd pers. plur. I have written only examples for the 2nd pers. plur. However, it works for other persons as well.
October 3, 2018
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