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Ethan Lee
Is "fitting room" or "changing room" better for sports facilities? I'm working on the translation of the signages in an indoor swimming pool. The place for changing swimwear is a fitting room, changing room or locker room? What are the differences? Thank you very much!
Oct 4, 2018 5:44 AM
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I would go for "changing room". "Fitting room" is definitely wrong. This is a rather old-fashioned term for the room at a tailor's, dressmaker's, or shop where you try on clothes to ensure that they fit. "Locker room" is an AmE term. Internationally, it might confuse people, especially if there are no lockers in it. It might suggest that this is a place where things are stored. For example, a sports team might have a locker room where they change at a stadium, but also where they store their kit: sports clothes and equipment . I've checked on some American sites, and they seem to use both 'changing room' and 'locker room' for public leisure facilities. However, the term 'locker room' may not be familiar to non AmE speakers, so I think it would be clearer to use 'changing room' in an international context. "Dressing room" - your alternative which you suggested in a comment - is also wrong. "Dressing room" is used in a theatrical context - it's where performers put on their costumes and make-up. You also find dressing rooms in grand houses, where gentlemen and ladies dress ( or are dressed by their servants!). Again, not the right word for a public swimming pool.
October 4, 2018
US: I would use "locker room" if there are lockers in the area or locker-equivalents. (Is there somewhere in the room for you to put your things when you have changed out of them? Can you lock your things up so that no one can easily steal them?) "Changing room" is more general. "Fitting room" is for when you are trying on new clothes (at a store or tailor).
October 4, 2018
I agree with Trudi - definitely not 'fitting room'. British English uses 'changing room' - I suspect Americans may be more familiar with 'locker room', but I am not sure whether that is used in all sporting venues or just football stadiums. I am sure an American English speaker will enlighten you.
October 4, 2018
Changing you are only changing your clothing not being measured/fitted for new clothes. In the UK, 'fitting room' would be exclusive to shops but it's rare to hear it nowadays, the term is general use is "changing room" :-)
October 4, 2018
Ethan Lee
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