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the country Does the sentence about the nuclear drop in the following context mean "I have heard that if one day someone wanted to drop a nuclear bomb on New York, this intersection would be the best target for them, because it would cause the highest amount of destruction"? 2. Does "the country" mean "the countryside"? Context: Claes Oldenburg says: The War Memorial began as a pat of cold hard butter in a crossed slit of a hot baked potato, projected up in scale. The crossed slits made me think of an intersection of streets, and I developed this resemblance. I picked the most crucial intersection I knew, which is where Broadway and Canal Street cross, connecting Long Island with New Jersey and Wall Street to the rest of the country. Also, I’ve read it’s the target, which, according to experts, would be the most efficient in the New York area for a nuclear drop. The butter became concrete, and it ended as an ironic anti-war monument.
Oct 4, 2018 9:07 AM
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Long Island is an island. The reference is to a connection to the "rest of the country" (= the rest of the United States).
October 4, 2018
1: Yes, more or less. 2: No. I think it's the whole of the country. I don't know the roading system there, but I would assume that you drive through there to get from Wall St to anywhere else in the USA.
October 4, 2018
"most efficient" - it is not disclosed what counts as efficient. It might be destruction, or disruption, or demotivation, or some combination. . countryside = means non-urban areas. "connecting X to the rest of the country" means it is a main route from here to everywhere else.
October 4, 2018
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