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Are both sentences OK? If we hurry, maybe we'll still have time for swimming. If we finish this early, maybe we'll have time to go swimming.
4 Eki 2018 11:58
Answers · 2
Ok I've thought a bout it some more. You could use the first sentence, but it makes me think of my dad talking about 'swimming' as an event in a weekly schedule, like every Tuesday evening. Eg. Sorry we don't have time for swimming this week. If it's not as part of a regular schedule you have in your diary, you'd probably say we don't have time to go swimming.
4 Ekim 2018
'If we hurry, maybe we'll have time to go swimming' sounds better In this context I think 'time for' is more used for nouns rather than gerunds. E.g. maybe we'll have time for dessert/coffee/a quick chat. The second sentence sound fine.
4 Ekim 2018
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