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What is the passive voice of these sentences? 1. He has been writing letters. 2. She will be riding a horse.
Oct 4, 2018 1:51 PM
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To make passive sentences first you've got to identify your subject and your object. The subject is the person or thing do the activity. In my lessons I usually use coloured markers, I wish I could use colours on the discussion boards! In your first sentence your subject is "He"(him) and your object is letters. You need to start your sentence with the object: The letters Then you need to replace the main verb with be and copy the tense exactly has been writing = has been being Then add the 3rd form of the main verb afterwards has been being written So lets put our sentence together! The letters has been being written. Oh no! There's a mistake! "He" is singular but "letters" is plural so we need to change has to have The letters have been being written. At the end if you want to include the subject you can add "by him" but usually the subject is not very important - that's why we changed it into the passive voice! Can you do the second one on your own using this guide? I'll correct it if it's not right. Let me know if you have a question about this, I look forward to seeing your second sentence rewritten! Best wishes, Katherine
October 4, 2018
There is no sensible answer to this question, for two reasons: - There would be no reason to express either of these ideas using the passive voice - We don't use the passive voice in perfect continuous or future continuous constructions. If we did, we'd end up with ridiculous sentences such as "A horse will be being ridden", which sound like nonsense.
October 4, 2018
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